Tuesday, February 11, 2003

More Damaging Violations Of U.N. Resolutions From (And Of) Secretary Powell.

Before you go scratching your head, wondering how I, a lowly blogger, could have access to such sensitive information, keep in mind that this site is in no way affiliated with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and that I was lying when I claimed to be the Celebrity Mole. The truth is that during my hiatuses, I've been flying top-secret UB40 flights over my own home in an effort to protect it from yellow boxes and scary words.

My efforts have of course been futile. Take a gander at these disarmingly scary images that will, in a matter of seconds probably, be confiscated by the Department of State and plucked from the web never to be seen from or heard of again. Enjoy them while you can.

Sorry to blow your socks clean off, but when one comes across information as valuable and as shocking as this, one pays no attention to socks or to whether things are being blown off. One acts. And one acts courageously. You're welcome.