Wednesday, September 17, 2003

So, Wait... This Thing Answers Questions, Right?

Having just moved, I still don't have much access to the internet, and, unfortunately, the net is very slow at Western International High School in Detroit today, so this post will be short. Hopefully a longer one will go up later.

There are two things I wanted to mention:

Two Interesting Stories On Autism [Not Funny]
I'm not sure whether they're connected or not, or whether doctors are studying how these two breakthroughs might complement each other, but here they are:

    1. This article from The Journal of the American Medical Association talks about brain overgrowth in the first year of life being related to autism.

    2. This report on 60 Minutes II tells the remarkable story of Tito Mukhopadhyay and his mother Soma's Rapid Prompting Method, whereby children suffering autism are becoming increasingly able to communicate with writing or typing or by slowly spelling words by pointing at letters. It's pretty amazing.

For more info, also check out Cure Autism Now.

Two Actual Web Searches [Kinda Funny]
These are two actual, I-swear-to-God real searches that users have used to find WWKAD?.

    One person actually searched Google Netherlands for 'blowjob kerry fox' and found WWKAD? on the third page of results. Wow.

    Another person searched Yahoo! for 'if white people that try to act like black people are called wiggers then what are black people...'. The actual search string was too long and got cut off in the middle of the word "people". You'll be happy to know that somehow WWKAD? is result number five. The passage that caused this was in an this entry where I reprinted some lines from a Ben Stein-penned rap I found at E!Online. Their page doesn't even show up in the results. Lucky me.

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